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In the dynamic world of ecommerce, constant learning and adaptation are non-negotiable. At Intrepid Advisory, are are relentless in pursuing knowledge and innovation to supercharge the services we offer to our clients – ensuring they are always a step ahead in their ecommerce journey.

This drive led our team to the majestic landscape of Canada, where we invited to the inaugural Camp A2X. But what is Camp A2X? It’s not just an event; it’s a convergence of ideas and expertise, on the future of ecommerce accounting.

Camp A2X 2023

Beyond the scenic beauty and vibrant discussions, Camp A2X stood out as a goldmine of learning and networking with the top minds in the ecommerce accounting industry.

Our participation in Camp A2X was two-fold: first, to contribute our experience and insights to the global ecommerce accounting community, and second, to bring home the advanced strategies and industry knowledge that were discussed.

Key takeaways for us

What made our time at Camp A2X truly invaluable? A quick snapshot of our experience includes:

  1. A2X Product Roadmap Exploration: Our close-knit collaboration with A2X allowed us to delve into their upcoming innovations. By understanding their forward trajectory, we ensure our clients benefit from these advancements as soon as they’re released. It also provides us a position  to provide feedback, which goes into shaping the direction of the product roadmap.
  2. Shopify Insights Update: Ecommerce isn’t static. It evolves daily.  Acquiring the latest insights into Shopify marketplace trends from the event equips us, and in turn, our clients, to navigate this marketplace with enhanced insights to prepare as the marketplace develops.
  3. eCommerce Accounting Best Practices: Knowledge-sharing is the cornerstone of progress. The mastermind groups at Camp A2X presented a unique opportunity to discuss pressing industry issues and best practices. Learning from the experiences of leading industry peers from the US, UK and Canada ensures that our approaches to ecommerce accounting are state-of-the-art and effective.
  4. Global Recognition: We were somewhat surprised that A2X acknowledged us as one of their top ecommerce accountants, presenting us with the an “Early Adopter Award.” This was presented in recognition that we were one of the first 6 ecommerce accountants globally to adopt A2X and the first to adopt the software in Australia.
  5. The Power of Networking: Beyond the formal sessions, the casual interactions, evening dinners, and collaborative brainstorming sessions were filled with countless “light bulb” moments. Sharing and listening to success stories, challenges overcome and innovative solutions gave us fresh perspectives to bring home.

Bottom line

In reflection, our journey to Camp A2X was not just a milestone for us but translates into a significant leap forward for our clients as we unpack our suitcases of fresh insights.

Are you thinking about taking your ecommerce business to new heights? With us by your side, you have a globally recongised ecommerce accounting partner to help you grow your business with confidence.

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