Navigating the Financial Landscape of eCommerce

Aspiring to be a profitable 7-figure seller, your business is a testament to your vision and drive.

Whether you've pioneered a unique brand on Shopify or scaled the heights of Amazon's marketplace, you're met with financial challenges unique to eCommerce.

Navigate the complexities of global growth, unravel the intricacies of your financial data and chart a course for unprecedented success.

We understand your journey and have the tailored solutions you seek.

Shopify brand owners

You've pioneered your brand on Shopify within Australia, and the global horizon beckons. However, the journey to international markets seems laden with challenges:

  1. Global Aspirations: You desire more than generic advice. You're in pursuit of eCommerce-specific expertise, aiming to confidently capture international markets.
  2. Tax & Compliance Labyrinth: The intricacies of GST, foreign currency, and international tax compliance are overwhelming. You seek a guide who not only ensures compliance but also spots financial opportunities.
  3. Navigating Financials: Gazing at your financial reports feels daunting, especially suspecting they might be riddled with errors. The absence of an eCommerce accounting specialist's touch amplifies your concerns.
  4. Unique eCommerce Dynamics: The complexities of inventory management, global logistics, and foreign currency transactions demand specialized attention.
  5. Broadening Distribution Channels: You're keen to explore platforms like Amazon and wholesale. But the transition feels overwhelming without a strong foundational knowledge.
  6. A Vision for Tomorrow: More than the present, you're crafting a future—a business that not only flourishes but is also enticing to potential buyers.
  7. Seeking Genuine Support: The eCommerce journey can often feel solitary. You're searching for a partner well-versed in performance benchmarks and can provide feedback, ensuring you're on the right path.

Amazon sellers

You've made a mark selling in the Amazon US marketplace, but a lingering doubt remains: does your current accountant truly understand the nuances of the FBA model? Here's what you might be grappling with:

  1. Deep FBA Understanding: You don't just need an accountant; you need an expert who deeply comprehends the FBA model, is aware of its intricacies and can pinpoint potential pitfalls.
  2. Unraveling Financial Complexities: Your financial statements seem like a foreign language, especially without the guiding hand of an Amazon-specialised accountant.
  3. Cashflow Conundrums: Despite your sales, cash always seems scarce. You're left scratching your head, wondering where the funds evaporate.
  4. International Expansion: The European, UK and Australian Amazon marketplaces beckon, but navigating their distinct challenges requires a seasoned guide.
  5. Spotting Growth Opportunities: Beyond mere accounting, you're searching for a partner who can identify avenues like export grants, acting as a catalyst for your business's growth.
  6. A Guiding Hand: Amazon selling can be an isolating journey. You yearn for someone who doesn't just crunch numbers but offers genuine support. Someone who possesses knowledge of performance benchmarks and can provide clear feedback on your standing.
  7. Diversifying Distribution: Expanding into avenues like Shopify is tempting, but you're aware of the complexities it can introduce. You need someone to steer you right.

If this mirrors your sentiments, you're precisely where you need to be. We're more than accountants - we're your strategic partners, adept in the unique challenges of eCommerce.

Together, let's make your global aspirations a reality.


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Finding support in the world of accounting is a daunting task. It’s rare to find clarity that illuminates the path, let alone solid direction.
Working with Jason, I was pleasantly surprised to find both clarity and direction that enabled me to focus on the goals of my business while resting assured that everything was properly structured in ways that allow me to serve my customers, fulfill entrepreneurial goals and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Amazon Seller QLD

We have a complicated international business with operations in 6 different countries. I interviewed 5 different firms and Jason and his team were by far the most knowledgeable and practical. The structures and strategies suggested were explained clearly and openly. I felt like I was getting big firm advice while still being treated like a valued client. I particularly like the business mentoring service they offer that we use to plan our future growth.

Tom Friend - Energetic Living


Tax & Accounting

The Amazon marketplace offers an unrivalled opportunity for businesses. Grab a hold of it with dedicated services from Intrepid Advisory that are designed to help Amazon Sellers reach their 7 figure goals.


Australian Amazon Sellers may be eligible for cash refunds on some expenses. We help our clients navigate the complexities of Australia’s export grant program and apply for refunds their business is entitled to.


Intrepid’s business development programs help Amazon Sellers plan for their future. Focus on growing your business and hitting your financial goals with the tools provided as part of our training programs.

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