Accountants for Shopify
April 27, 2024
Jason Macdonald

Expanding your Shopify Store Beyond Australia

Looking to expand your Shopify store into international markets, but unsure how to navigate taxes and foreign currency?

Watch our video made in conjuction with A2X to learn:

– Considerations and triggers for sales taxes in different countries

– Complexity and costs associated with selling in currencies other than AUD

– Australian government grants that might be available to assist with promoting your products in overseas markets


00:00 Expanding your Shopify store beyond Australia

00:31 Meet Jason Macdonald, Co-Founder & CEO of Intrepid Advisory

01:49 The typical global growth journey for an Australian Shopify merchant

04:33 Agenda

06:47 Understanding GST in Australia for a Shopify brandowner

16:53 Understanding GST/VAT in overseas markets (New Zealand, UK, Canada, EU)

26:42 Understanding US sales tax for an Australian Shopify seller

32:55 Foreign currency issues for Shopify

43:09 Australia’s Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)

49:08 Get in touch with Intrepid Advisory

51:14 Q&A