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At Intrepid Advisory, we’re a team of specialists who focus on helping Amazon Sellers take their businesses to the next level. Our boutique advisory offers services that delivers big business expertise with the personal touch of a small firm.

Jason Macdonald

Co-Founder & Director

With more than 20 years’ professional experience, Jason has developed a deep expertise in working with Amazon Sellers and planning for their business success. He now works exclusively with online retailers looking to grow in international markets and providing solutions and support to their complex needs.
Jason founded Intrepid Advisory to fill a gap in the market. Despite servicing the world’s biggest retail space, Amazon Sellers often lack the support of a dedicated business advisory service that understands their unique industry issues.
He’s passionate about providing the expert, specialised advice that your business needs to plan for its future. As you expand throughout Amazon’s marketplaces and beyond, Jason can be there with the support you need.
Jason is a Chartered Accountant and Registered Tax Agent.

Gabrielle Edmonds

Co-Founder & Director

Gabrielle has a background in advising large businesses on tax and financial issues for more than 20 years. She is an experienced executive with a track record of improving the performance of client’s businesses through her ability to simplify complex problems and provide practical solutions for owners and managers.
Gabrielle founded Intrepid Advisory with a goal of helping establish a leading tax and advisory business that supports the growth of Amazon Sellers. She now runs the operations of the Accounting & Tax business and leads a team that is dedicated to ensuring owners achieve their business goals.
Gabrielle is a Chartered Accountant.

Neha Saraf


Neha looks after the end-of-year compliance and taxation reporting for Amazon business clients at Intrepid Advisory. She is responsible for drafting and preparing financial statement and tax returns and providing ongoing technical support to our clients.
Neha is also the first point of contact for Xero related training and our expert Amazon accountant and has built a deep expertise in understanding the intricacies of accounting for an Amazon business.
Neha completed her Master of Professional Accounting from Griffith University and is currently pursuing her CPA. Neha is also youngest member of Queensland CPA Women Committee.

James Orford

Client Support Coordinator

James has more than 13 years’ experience as a Business Manager and Executive Assistant where he has comprehensively managed office operations and worked collaboratively with senior leadership within professional industries.
In his role as the Client Support Coordinator, James supports the group’s business operations by providing a seamless liaison between our operations team and our clients. James is also responsible for managing the administration function of Intrepid Advisory so that everything runs like clockwork.
James is known for the rapport he builds with clients and his reliability for a finding a solution to get things done. He is entrusted with making your experience at Intrepid Advisory a friendly and easy one.

Trent Taylor

Director – Business Programs

Trent is a global award winning business growth and leadership trainer/coach whose 2 simple rules are: 1) Be curious, and 2) be congruent (practice what you preach). He is tough on clients because they have given up on themselves at some level and one thing he will not stomach is low self-esteem and self-worth. Trent keeps it simple, talks the language of who he is talking to, keeps it fun and can see the big picture of why things are happening – quickly.
Trent has coached hundreds of businesses who are frustrated with how much time they put into the business while pulling not enough cash out and turned things around so they work less, have more time with their children and triple the cash in their business/life. He also created The Business Spine Coaching methodology which he uses himself as it has helped him live a business life where he works no more than 3 days a week, 33 weeks a year and makes a minimum of $333k of cash.
Trent is a director in our Business Programs services and key presenter at our workshops.

Lisa Hennessey

Event Manager and SYSTEMologist™

Lisa has over 20 years experience in various administration areas including office and team management, customer service, event management, personal assistance and business systemisation.
Her key focus is to ensure that all logistical and administrative support is provided to make Intrepid Advisory events and business programs operate smoothly, whilst ensuring our clients receive the same high standard and consistent experience each and every time we interact with them.
As well as her Events Manager role, Lisa has been helping business owners systemise so they can step out of the daily operations of the business and work on growing the business. This experience is built from the vast number of systems she has written and rolled out over the last 6 years.
Lisa is also a certified SYSTEMologist™️ which is about helping business owners systemise in an easy and simple way. Lisa does all the hard work of documenting your systems, with just a little bit of help from the business owner.

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